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"A circle of friendship…
is bound together,
by sharing good moments
and Life’s stormy weather:

And should you feel lonely…
you needn’t pretend;
surrender your false pride
and lean on a friend.

A circle of friendship…
is a growing delight;
it helps dispel sadness,
as it lets in the ‘light.’

A circle of friendship…
warms you in its glow;
take that warmth with you
and feel the ‘love’ grow.

You stand in a circle…
with hands reaching out;
the giving of yourself,
is what friendship’s about!”

I have no idea who wrote this, found it on a random poem site, so if anyone knows who did… o.o Credits to them. :D?-

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Well… o-o This is an animation I MADE. No one else. It’s not actually an animation, it’s a test on if it would work. I’ll be uploading more things like this when I get the hang of it and actually draw something and put effort into it rather then use one of those star shapes. xD. Enjoy?

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